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Table Decorating Tips and Where to Buy Items Such as Chair Sashes Online

When you’re planning for an event where you’ll serve food, such as a wedding reception, how you decorate the tables makes a huge difference in the overall mood and appearance of the space. First, consider the theme and colours you want to use, and then what type of tables are available: long banquet style tables, round tables, or square tables, and use a few styling tricks to dress the tables for their shape. Read More...

Banquet Table Decorating Tips

Banquet tables are long and narrow, so break up some of that length with height. Use ceramic vases or candlesticks (or both) to add dimension. And use shape when it comes to your other tablescape elements. For example, your plates don’t need to be round; instead, try playing up the shape of the table by mimicking it with your plates. Layer table runners over tablecloths to break up the table further. Fill up the space on the table with colourful details. You don’t need to cover every bit of the table, but a few strategic accessories will go a long way.

Round Table Decorating Tips

One way to complement the shape of a round table is by grouping a few centrepieces in the middle. You can also add colour to white tablecloths by using something striking such as gold or silver on chargers, chairs, or favours. Give plain round tables a visual boost by adding accessories of other shapes, such as square or rectangular plates. And use layers to introduce more colours and patterns. For instance, you might use patterns such as florals or stripes on your chargers or table runners, or you can buy chair sashes to add these details.

Square Table Decorating Tips

Squares can be rather severe, so make connections with your details to soften the look. Try matching the colour of your napkins to the colour of your centrepieces, for example, or mimic the texture of your chairs with your chargers. Do maintain some symmetry by placing the same number of chairs on each side of each table. Incorporating round accents can soften the edges of square tables – think votives or circular lighting. You can also find chair sashes online as well as chair covers to give your chairs a makeover that will add colour to the party. If your event is formal, dress the tables in floor-length linens for a dressier look.

Where to Buy Chair Sashes Online

To buy chair sashes, table runners, or other decorative touches for your venue, look no further than Holstens. We have what you need to make any event a huge success, from artificial flowers, baskets, and ceramics to table linens, glassware, and lighting options. Whether you need decorating supplies for a wedding reception, corporate event, or some type of party, we’re the affordable one-stop shop for florists and event managers all over Australia. Since the 1940s, we’ve been supplying quality products to venues for special events. Give us a call or place your online order today. We look forward to helping you make your next event a hit. 

Benefits of Using Chair Covers and Chair Sashes for London, Manchester, or United Kingdom Events


Chair covers are popular accessories with many uses. These versatile items provide numerous advantages for accessorising and decorating at home or in event venues for many different types of occasions. For starters, chair covers are usually washable. That means they can be cleaned more easily than the chairs themselves and allows you to remove dust and spills by simply tossing the covers into the wash. Chair covers also help prevent potentially permanent stains on your actual chairs.

Another benefit of using chair covers is that many of them include decorative elements that add to the look of any space, particularly nice when you’re planning a party or other event. Chair covers can add style and function to your seating, while chair sashes in London, Manchester, or anywhere in England can add ornamental flair.

Chair Covers Protect and Conceal Furniture

Chair covers are also useful because they cover the whole chair, which helps hide any damage such as scratches on the legs. Covering the whole chair also helps prevent pet dander from collecting on the lower parts of the chair if pets are allowed around it. Chair covers also come in different sizes and shapes, from bigger loose covers to tailored, form-fitting covers for a variety of looks.

Finally, chair covers and chair sashes come in a huge variety of fabrics and colours so that you can find exactly what you need to fit your specific occasion. Heavier, tougher fabrics will protect furniture better, while more delicate, elegant fabrics will add glamour to even the most formal events. Use colour to complement the existing décor of a room, brighten up and plain space, or enhance the theme of your event.

Where to Buy Chair Sashes in Manchester, London or England

Since the 1940s, Holstens has been providing chair sashes to England, Manchester, and London venues and florists for special events, along with chair covers, table linens, floral accessories, and much more.  When you’re looking for affordable, decorative solutions for events, we’re sure to have something to suit the theme and occasion. For all the things you need to construct and create in the floristry and event industry, trust Holstens to have the right products along with top-notch customer service.

Chair sashes used alone or over chair covers lend a festive touch to any event, whether you’re looking to make a subtle, elegant statement or you want something a little showier. Find everything you need right here at Holstens. For great wholesale prices on decorative event supplies, contact us today to place your order. You can reach us on +61 8 8346 8777 or fill out our convenient online contact form. One of our friendly team members will be happy to answer your questions, fulfil your order, or help in whatever way you need.

Keep in mind that we do have a $50 minimum on all orders; however, we love offering our customers discounts, and we offer a 5% conditional discount to account holders as well as an additional 5% discount on all orders placed and paid for online. Contact us today to stock your venue with everything you need to host amazing events!

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