Powdered Candle Wick Kit

GDP £1.49 set


Size15cm (100pcs)
Min order1   set
Packing1 / bag, 200 / carton

Powder wax candle wick refill pack. Each kit contains 100 x 15cm wicks. Simply cut to desired length and use with our 'Magic Powdered Candle' kits.

All new powdered candles. Simply pour wax powder into a vase (min 10cmD), insert the supplied wick leaving 1cm above powder and you have the perfect candle in a vase look. Only the wax around the wick melts, so any unused powder can be saved for the next event.

Our wax is 100% plant based, non toxic and will not leave smoke or wax residue in your vases.

01 - White
75400due 08May

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